Winning RACE: Affiliates Make their Mark at Russian Affiliate Conference 2017

Published October 20, 2017 by Lee R

Winning RACE: Affiliates Make their Mark at Russian Affiliate Conference 2017

As affiliate marketing takes hold, attendees are positioned to be the first to harness the full benefits.

In Russia, an affiliate conference brought together a diverse collection of luminaries and newbies.

The Event

On October 4-5th, the international conference Russian Affiliate Congress (RACE) took place at Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre in Moscow. This was the sixth time that the regional mega-conference in it’s sixth year brought together experts and newcomers to the affiliate industry.

Diverse Presenters  

An international collection of some 40 speakers from diverse areas ranging from Finland to Canada to the UK to India, and Russia presented to over 600 people who attended the two-day event.


The presentations were broken up into three categories: Webmasters, Advertisers, and Mobile and Traffic.

Webmaster Highlight

The Webmasters enjoyed a presentation from CEO Convert Monster Anton Petrochenkov’s on the ideal landing page, covering specific areas of adapting pages to audience eagerness, techniques for writing more effective headings and stimulants of conversion increase: a presentation by myTarget expert Slava Prokh on new service features including out-stream native video advertising, audio advertising, banners, and Development Director Buzzoola Kirill Balahtin’s presentation about native advertising.

Advertisers Section

The Advertisers section enjoyed the presentation of ClickFroud CEO Konstantin Novofastovskyi, who revealed effective ways of combating fraud traffic such as control systems, bots, click under frauds and more.

Mobile and Traffic Highlights

The Mobile and Traffic section listened to Inbox Marketing Managing Director Daniil Silantyev’s revelation on the average check of gaming mailings surging over similar promotional materials by 15% with a comparative redirection rate a full 2 times higher.

Trendy Workshop

Another highlight was HumanVideo CEO Vladimir Kobyakov’s workshop on the trend of optimizing preproduction of video for online promotion and branding.

Exposition Floor

The exposition Zone featured 14 presenting companies, including PostRadar, Tekka Digital,, Doubletrade, Rootpay, Inside, Collectcent,, AMarkets, Foreo, and Unisender.

Fun Raffle

Another highlight was the Hyundai Solaris II raffle sponsored by affiliate network, raffled, with Webmaster Sergey coming out the lucky winner. Other raffle prizes included a MacBook Pro, two iPhones 7, and three Apple Watches.

Good Times for Affiliation

Organizers Smile-Expo had as much fun as attendees and presenters, who discovered opportunities in the CIS that they never imagined before.

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