With New Regional Approval, Spain Updates Self-Exclusion Model

Published October 12, 2020 by Lee R

With New Regional Approval, Spain Updates Self-Exclusion Model

The latest version of self-exclusion in Spain is a coordinated effort among operator trade representative JDigital, the autonomous regions, and the Spanish central government.

A self-exclusion system has been voted in in the growing Spain market.

The Approval

A majority vote amongst the 17 autonomous communities has approved the creation of gambling self-exclusion schemes for games offered to Spanish market players. Only Catalonia voted against, with Basque Country and Valencian province abstaining.

Trade Body Involvement

JDigital, the association representing 80% of Spanish operators, formally tendered the individual regional approvals.

The Implementation Procedure

Upon establishment by the Gambling Policy Council, the self-exclusion schemes will require only the approval of Spain’s central government. After approval. each of the 17 regions will have one year to implement the self-exclusion models.

Council Meeting

The agreement came about as the result of a National Gambling Policy Council meeting chaired by Minister of Consumer Affairs Alberto Garzón.

Establishment of the agreement by the Gambling Policy Council requires determination of standards and requirements for successful operation of the self-exclusion schemes in each region.

Regional Adaptation

Officials from each region will be given four months to establish the framework for the adapted self-exclusion schemes, before being submitted to Spain's central government or final approval.

Upon the approval by Spain’s central government, each of the autonomous regions will have one year to implement the self-exclusion schemes, and make all technical and regulatory changes necessary to adapt.

JDigital's Active Assistance

In coordinated support with the Spanish government, JDigital committed to helping define and implement all measures, in the interest of achieving a safer gambling environment.

Self-Exclusion History

There is a precedent for the self-exclusion approach where players concerned about their own compulsion can voluntarily place themselves on lists prohibiting them form gambling.

In 2015, Spain’s gambling regulator Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) created the Registro General de Interdicciones de Acceso al Juego (RGIAJ) for this very purpose.

RGIAJ Connection

JDigital affirmed that its member operators are already linked with RGIAJ, so that it will be easier for JDigital to detect and prevent registrations by users already in the previous RGIAG database.


With Spanish operators commitment being confirmed en masse by JDigital, it looks as if the Spanish market will integrate the updated self-exclusion scheme quite effectively and continue to grow as a resilient iGaming market.

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