With Political Bets, Punting on Outcomes During Debates are Popular this Season in the US

Published October 25, 2020 by Lee R

With Political Bets, Punting on Outcomes During Debates are Popular this Season in the US

The latest form of political wagering offers $25,000 to those who answer questions correctly.

Political betting is prohibited, but new betting options arising to maintain ongoing interest among political punters, and voters.

Super Six First Year

One new game which does not bet on political outcomes includes Fox Bets' Super Six, which allows since its inception last September has managed to pay out over $1.4 million across a free-to-play model.

Gambling/Not Gambling

To adapt to anti-election betting restrictions in the US, the Super Six wager is presented as what is called a gambling/not gambling option for the coming elections.

From Sports to Politics

Super Six is generally available for sporting events, with the expansion into presidential elections a new alternative that is actually open to all US players nationwide apart from those in Washington State.

$25,000 Prize Money

In the recent infamous political debate between candidate Biden and President Trump, a full $25,00 in prize money was available to Super Six players, in a form akin to prop bets offered by many sports books: punters tried to answer six questions about “non-political” outcomes at political events, including whether or not Trump and Biden would shake hands; if Trump would use the term “Sleepy Joe” and more, with winners with the most correct answers sharing the $25,000 prize money.

Fox Bet CEO Speaks

Before that debate, Fox Bet interim CEO Kip Levin called the Super Six election option a “fun, lighthearted way for you to engage.”

To gambling perceptions, Levin called the game actuality risk-free:

“It’s not gambling because of the free-to-play model. Customers are not wagering anything — it’s a free entry to answer some questions” and “engage in the debate in a new way.”

VP Debate Questions

The next Super Six opportunity for punters will of course be the upcoming Vice Presidential debate between current VP Mike Pence and Biden’s running mate California Senator Kamala Harris.

Among the Super Six questions confirmed for the debate tomorrow at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City are who will be the last to say the word “vote” and which college will be mentioned by its first name and more.


Look for the questions and activities to become more engaging with time as the competition for politically inclined punters heats up in the US.

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