Women are Entertained Too

Published October 4, 2006 by OCR Editor

Women are Entertained Too

Online gambling is growing more and more popular amongst women. With sites choosing to add some Hollywood style entertainment issues and slower gambling games involving much patience, women are getting more and more interested in this world.

While online gambling in general was formerly more attributed to men, now women take their chances and find many ways to enjoy this leisure activity. Mothers may find the games a pleasant way to pass a quiet afternoon supervising their children doing their homework or watching TV nearby without the need for a babysitter.

In the traditional setting of a land based casino you we will be less likely to find a majority of women playing table and card games were men will usually dominate the scene. When you examine the men verses women gambling issue, it is pretty safe to say that woman present a far more sensible and cautious gambling approach than men does. Firstly, they are less likely to be driven to oblivion on a streak of bad luck and when winning at the online casino too, they may prefer climbing to the top, little by little, with much patience and a clear plan of how to get there. It doesn't come as a surprise that men are 56% more addictive to gambling activities than women.

During this year's football world cup, some UK based operations reported a sharp growth in their numbers consisting of a majority of young women looking for a more enjoyable way to pass their evenings than joining their partners watching the games. Women may also take pleasure in betting on entertainment issues involving the lives of their favorite celebs. For those who enjoy more than the occasional tabloid at the dentist office, this makes for quite an interesting niche to try out. One site offering such entertainment wagers, reported on women being a third of its registered users but making up 45% of the entertainment bets. Overall, the industry reports on an average of around 30% women bettors but with some new steps catering towards them, the numbers are expected to increase.

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