Women Join Online Casino Winners

Published January 3, 2007 by OCR Editor

Women Join Online Casino Winners

Ever since the launch of online casinos over a decade ago, women have taken a constantly growing part of the gambling community. Recent research shows that they continue to grow in number.

As gambling expands across the Internet and becomes more legitimate as it does so, the sites allow players and fans of gambling to try their luck in the games. This trend has had its effect on the number of women who join as well and their overall portion of the number of gamblers. As more women play, more join the distinguished club of winners.

Articles in major world publications came out recently with reports of women taking a greater part in online gambling. Factors such as the accessibility of the sites, the anonymity that they allow, a low-risk and high-reward opportunities are drawing women to the sites en masse. Before the launch of Internet gambling, women were a much smaller portion of the gambling community. This has changed dramatically over the years.

Research of women's gambling habits reveals that women prefer gambling small amounts rather than risking high amounts. They still, however, go after the great prizes offered, just as men do if not more so. Betting small amounts of as little as a single dollar (or euro, or pound for that matter) may win them prizes upwards of 50,000 dollars, sometimes much higher. Fast games such as Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly that make them fast and big winners are often what women look for.

And so, as women play more they win more! Women make up about 70 percent of sites' members today. They also make up about the same percent of winners. As gambling becomes more popular among women and word of their winnings spreads, stories of female online casino winners will be heard around the world.

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