Working Together to Win Together - Community Slot Rooms

Published July 6, 2015 by OCR Editor

Working Together to Win Together - Community Slot Rooms

Social gaming is about doing good for everyone - play together instead of against each other. And this has just started taking off at All Slots Casino.

While most gamers often see themselves operating as a lone wolf, working as a team has its benefits.  Beyond the emotional bonding and socializing with people of the same feather, working together will make an otherwise difficult goal much more attainable.

And that’s how community slots came into the picture. You are all working to win together as one team, rather than trying to beat the person next to you. You enter into a virtual room – perhaps with friends you’ve invited or perhaps with people you’ve never met before - and then you start playing slots together. Everyone is playing their own game, but when one person hits a bonus round, everyone wins. Of course, a chat function will help keep you all connected so that you can give each other words of encouragement when the going gets rough, and celebrate together on a win!

While most online casinos have slot tournaments, where you try to beat other players to win a prize, only a few select casinos have community slots where the aim is to share the big jackpot with other players so that everybody wins. After combing the internet, we found that All Slots Casino the nicest multi-player virtual slots rooms.  Of course, with a name like All Slots, it’s the place to go for anything related to slots.

3 Slots for Social Gamers

Only a select number of games are available on offer in the Virtual Slots Room: Wheel of Wealth, No Worries, and Isis (the Egyptian fertility god, not the terrorist group!) Wheel of Wealth has a luxury theme, and in the Bonus Game, there is a guaranteed bonus for all players. No Worries is an Australian themed game, with wombats and boomerangs; the Jackpot Wheel feature automatically rewards the top 10 players in the room every few minutes with bonus jackpots. Last but not least, Isis will give everyone free spins when just one person in the room hits two Hawk symbols. These are pretty smart ways to increase your chance at winning!

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