World Cup 2018 Poised to Be The Most Bet Upon Sporting Event Ever

Published April 7, 2018 by Florin P

World Cup 2018 Poised to Be The Most Bet Upon Sporting Event Ever

The most important football tournament in the world begins this summer, bringing together the best teams on the globe.

The World Cup is without a doubt the most important football competition in the world and overall the most anticipated sporting event. All major bookmakers cover the event and many have special offers for players who consider betting on its matches. Everything suggests, that this football tournament is going to be the most bet upon competition ever recorded.

No Clear Favorites at the World Cup

Interest for World Cup matches has been steadily growing over the last decade, with the South African and Brazilian events setting important milestones. However, this tournament is particularly exciting because there are plenty of teams who have a decent shot at winning the trophy. The usual suspects are as always Brazil, Germany and Spain, but new teams are rising to the challenge.

Argentina has a formidable outfit and players that simply wait for an opportunity to prove their strength against top opponents. Messi is expected to deliver and lead his team to a trophy that has evaded them for many years. Colombia has a power packed offensive and for the first time in many years a backline capable of stopping the most gifted teams in their tracks. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, England and France are trying to build on the immense talent of its players and finally grab the trophy.

There is colossal interest for all matches, during the group stage and in the playoff rounds, so punters will have many opportunities. Tempting odds and an overall impressive diversity of teams and play styles should make World Cup 2018 a truly remarkable event. Promotions and special offers are only going to sweeten the deal, because players are likely to take interest in this event regardless.

Specter of Illegal Gambling is Looming

Russia will host the World Cup 2018 and the country has been plagued by allegations of match fixing for decades. The government is trying to restore the tarnished image of some athletes, while also reigning in the illegal and semi-legal gambling industry. On the bright side, there are no reasons to fear any nefarious influence of illicit betting in regards to World Cup matches this year.

There have always been problems regarding offshore gambling, but in the great scheme of things, the surge of this industry is actually a good sign. World Cup 2018 benefits from huge interest from bookies and players alike, simply because it is an event of extraordinary proposals. It is only fair to expect it to set another important milestone and attract more punters than any of the previous football competitions.

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