World Cup Fever Reaches Industry

Published June 4, 2006 by OCR Editor

World Cup Fever Reaches Industry

The world's most popular sporting event is only a few days away and the fever that has already begun to grip the world. And the online casinos are no exception. Sports betting and props wagering are huge areas of business in the world of online gambling.

It comes as no surprise that the industry is therefore cashing in big time on the world cup. With more than 60 games being played by different countries from around the world, this World Cup is taking place in Germany. In total, 32 teams will play in the 2006 World Cup between June 9th and June 23. That means there are 3 games played per day which means theres going to be a whole lot of betting going on!

The World Cup comes along every four years. This year it will take place in Germany and millions of viewers from around the world will tune in to see the excitement broadcast live while they root for their favorite teams and place bets. Brazil is considered a favorite and has won the World Cup five times. They won in 2002. France won in 1998 in their own country. Right now the sports betting sites are placing heavy odds in favor of Brazil.

England, Argentina and Germany are also strong contenders and are racking up strong odds at the gambling sites that offer betting on the World Cup. Many die hard fans of football and the World Cup will travel to Europe in order to support their favorite teams first hand. Other fans will simply watch the live games from television and have the option of placing bets and wagers on their favorite teams from any of the many sports betting sites.

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