World Cup Numbers: bwin sportsbook

Published July 15, 2010 by OCR Editor

World Cup Numbers: bwin sportsbook

More than €1.1m per day.

Though it will take some time, and might be altogether impossible, to sum up all the bets placed during the 2010 World Cup, bwin offered an insight as to what we can expect.

The Austrian based online sportsbook closed over 30 million bets on the month of the tournament, fielded by 900,000 bettors, at a rate of 260,000 bettors a day. bwin sportsbook's turnover reached €1.1m per day during this time, a record high as they report. The revenue is double that of the previous World Cup, as were all the figures compared to past events.

The semi-final match between Spain and Germany continues to show as the most popular game of the tournament. William Hill Sports reported the largest single bet, a £417,000 wager, was placed on this match by a British punter. bwin reports the game attracted more bets that the final between Spain and the Netherlands.

Though the vuvuzelas have gone silent, and players have reunited with their families, the fallout of the 2010 FIFA World Cup continues to surprise, like a winning bet on a sportsbook. Have you played on bwin this month? Have you won?

Visit bwin now and bet on the Premier League, F1, Tour de France and other post-World Cup sport events.

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