World Lottery Sales Show Modest Increase

Published June 18, 2013 by OCR Editor

World Lottery Sales Show Modest Increase

Worldwide lottery sales increased on average by just 0.5 percent for the first quarter of 2013.

Lotteries are big business, used to raise money for many purposes. There are publicly operated lotteries on almost every continent in at least 100 countries and over 200 jurisdictions worldwide. Everybody loves a lottery, and it is the eternal optimism in the belief of the chance to score a big win which has been at the core of its enduring appeal.

However, worldwide global lottery markets have shown a very minimal increase in sales of 0.5% for the first quarter of 2013, this as against the first quarter of 2012. These numbers seem to point to a complicated picture for world lottery markets, with sales in Europe and Africa dipping downwards, growth in North America trending sharply down, sales in the Asia Pacific region holding steady and Latin American markets surprisingly, doing well.

It seems that in Europe, the downward spiral of lottery sales can probably be tied to the continuing economic crisis in the Eurozone. As an example, the 27% unemployment rate in Spain makes it difficult for many in that country to cough up that extra bit of cash in hopes of winning the big time.

In contrast, the slowdown in growth in the North America and Asia Pacific regions appears to be due more to several one-off events as opposed to structural reasons or systemic problems.

All in all, it's been a sluggish start this year to lotteries worldwide. But odds are, sales will improve.

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