World's Grandest Hotel Opens in Malaysia

Published August 1, 2002 by OCR Editor

World's Grandest Hotel Opens in Malaysia

Word has it that Lim Goh-tong, a Chinese ?gr?has developed the World's grandest hotel.

Lim Goh-tong has developed the World's grandest hotel. With support from gambling tycoons and other high profiled gamblers, Mr. Goh-tong reincarnated a hillside in the Malaysian tropical forest, turning it into what is said to be the source of power behind a billion dollar kingdom.

Last Friday, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad had reportedly visited the new sight, even though the head of state is supposedly not allowed to be associated with any kind of gaming business. The casino known as Casino de Genting, apparently put up an outstanding warning on one of the doors of the five casinos, advising Malaysians and Muslims to keep out of the hotel vicinity so as not to be charged with committing a crime under the states religious laws.

The landmark is also trimmed with theme parks including an original First World Plaza featuring a mini Europe theme, that includes an Eiffel Tower and full sized run down looking sculpted seamen.

To top it off tourists can enjoy a ride around a man made Venetian inland waterway. In 1968, Mr. Goh-tong carved the first passageway through the jungle to his new development, thus introducing Genting Bhd, known as the Chinese ?gr?s company. In addition, Mr. Goh-tong is a key blue chip on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, and not to mention the fact that last year he reportedly had pre-tax earnings of $271 million.

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