Would the NBA bet on the NBA?

Published August 15, 2008 by OCR Editor

Would the NBA bet on the NBA?

Is the NBA losing its credibility with the gambling community?

When it comes to the NBA, more and more professional sports handicappers are finding it a risky bet.

According to rumors in the market place, sports bookies are openly taking about the possibility of taking the NBA off the boards. Go into a sports book these days and you'll hear the question - "Can we trust the NBA?"

All this comes in the wake of the Tim Donaghy sentencing. Common sense says that people shouldn't worry as much about gambling in the NBA now that we're over the Donaghy scandal. He was nothing more than a wannabe bookie, gambling on games he officiated.

The well-known handicapper Dave Cokin, who also co-hosts the early afternoon program on ESPN Radio 1100 in Las Vegas, thinks the league needs a jolt of some kind to make it realize that its credibility is at stake. "I don't believe there's any real chance the books will boot the NBA, but they need shock treatment," Cokin says.

It's not a coincidence that just about all of sports betting scandals of the last few decades occurred through illicit bookies away from Vegas, but it was usually Vegas sports book informants who tipped off the Feds.

Las Vegas casinos are too big to get involved in scandals such as these and they have little to gain from a quick boost by fixing a game and a great deal to lose in the aftermath. If the games aren't clean, neither is Vegas. And sports book managers want to appear squeaky clean.

Listen up everyone: Las Vegas is warning that the NBA may be becoming too dirty for their dealers' hands. Of course, there are still plenty who think that nothing is ever going to come of the NBA officiating scandal.

I'm not betting on this one!

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