Years of Gambling Finally Paid Off

Published May 27, 2002 by OCR Editor

Years of Gambling Finally Paid Off

The story of a 69 year old lady from Florida who ahs won a massive jackpot last week.

Patricia Livingston, a 69-year-old retiree from Pace, Florida won the $5.3 million jackpot at Casino Magic in Biloxi last Wednesday.

Mrs. Livingston said she played the same slot machine for about 45 minutes with the same $20 bill she started out with, until she hit the "pay- dirt", and her life changed forever.

The 69 year old woman, along with her husband Leon, a retiree as well, were on a one day trip to The Mississippi's Gulf Coast when they decided to hit the casino. The couple has been coming to the casino for about eight years once or twice a month. "It didn't dawn on me that I had won $5 million. I thought a couple of thousand maybe, and somebody said ' you won $5 million' and I said 'your kidding.'

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