You Be the Dealer

Published March 11, 2004 by OCR Editor

You Be the Dealer

Online gambling is more fun now than it has ever been before. At BeTheDealer online casino you can play as either the player or the dealer...

Not only is being the dealer a fun experience but you can gain valuable insight into gambling online. Being the dealer gives you the unique opportunity to see what the game is like from the other end of the table in order to increase winnings if you ever decide to go back over the player's side.

This is how it works. If you are the dealer, you win your opponent's bet, minus a 1.5% commission fee. If you pay as the player you can choose to either gamble against a computer dealer or a live dealer. To play as a dealer you will need sufficient credit points in your balance. You can earn credit points when playing as a player, for every dollar you bet you earn one credit point. Credit points are then deducted when you play as a player.

So far there is only one online casino on the internet that offers the option for players to become dealers. You should defiantly check it out. Having the odds of the casino at your fingertips is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Who knows if it will be able to stay in business with the payoffs they are offering to their patrons!

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