Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch

Play Blackjack with a twist.

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Blackjack originated way back in the 17th century but has managed to stand the test of time due not only to its alluring qualities of luck and strategy but also due to its ability to be transformed into new versions of the game. Not only is it now one of the highest ranking online casino games but there are still new variants of Blackjack being developed all the time. 

It was online Blackjack that spawned the most recent version of the game. Blackjack Switch was invented in the UK by Geoff Hall as a new variety of online Blackjack. However, such was the success of Blackjack Switch online, that it is now being introduced into land-based casinos. Read on for the lowdown on Blackjack Switch. 

What is it?

Blackjack Switch involves players using two hands consecutively and being allowed to cheat! That is, players can 'switch' cards from one hand to the other. 

Switch Blackjack Rules

The rules mirror traditional Blackjack with the following exceptions; 

  • 6-8 decks are used.
  • Players are dealt two hands.
  • Cards are dealt face UP.
  • They must place an equal bet on each hand.
  • The second card dealt may be exchanged between hands, if desired.

For example: If one hand has a 2 and 10 with a total of 12 and another hand with a King and 6 (total of 16) he may switch to have one hand of 2 and 6 (total or 8) and another of King and 10 (total of 20).The switched hands are stronger than the original hands. 

  • If the dealer has a blackjack he automatically wins unless a player also has a blackjack, in which case he will push (tie).
  • Players can double when they wish.

The ability to split improves players' chances of hitting a winning hand. But nothing comes for free... there are extra rules in Blackjack Switch to give the dealer back some edge. 

The dealer is compensated with a push on 22. In addition the payout for a Blackjack is reduced to 1:1(from the standard Blackjack payout of 3-2). However, despite these changes there are more options open to players and a tendency for more wins.   

An Extra Bet

Blackjack Switch has yet another trick up its sleeve - an additional bet. The Blackjack Switch 'Super Match' bet can be placed before any cards are dealt and is based upon the initial four initial cards dealt to each player's two hands. This bet pays out as follows: 

1:1 for a pair
5:1 for a strip
8:1 for two pairs 
40:1 for four cards of the same kind 

Blackjack Switch Strategies

The basic strategies are: 

  • Hit on a Soft 17
  • Players can double on any two cards but cannot re-split.

It can be difficult to decide whether to switch a hand or not but fear not, because the web is a great source of online gambling tools and you can find Blackjack 'switch calculators' to help you make your decision. These tools look at the dealer's card and both of the player's hands before recommending whether or not to switch. It is recommended to use calculation tools because even seemingly strong hands can be improved upon and some of the hands many would be reticent to separate would actually benefit from a split. 

The strategies employed for Blackjack Switch are not always the same as for standard Blackjack, based not only upon the ability to switch but also the dealer's ability to push on 22. 

A New Twist

Blackjack Switch is an exciting addition to the world of Blackjack. It has some great additional playing strategies,different payouts and more ways to win. 


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