Brazil Mega-Sena

Brazil Mega-Sena

The Mega-Sena Lottery is Brazil’s Biggest Lottery Game!

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In terms of jackpot potential, Brazil's Mega-Sena Lottery ranks among the best in the world. This jackpot-rich lottery game showcases an annual super draw – known as the Mega da Virada, and a rather unique drawing format. Players from far and wide regularly participate in this Brazilian lottery game. Draws take place bi-weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

There are two rotating spherical cages where balls are picked in pairs. This is how 2-digit combinations are formed between 01 and 60. Since there are 60 numbers in total, the first cage holds numbers between zero and 5 as the first digit. The other spherical cage holds balls between zero and 9 as the second digit. As soon as 6 numbers have been drawn, the lottery draw concludes.

The Mega-Sena Lottery has been operated by the Caixa Economica Federal Bank since 1961. A large part of the lottery’s proceeds go towards government programs focused on cultural advancement, social issues and the like. A record breaking payout was made in 1999 when a lottery winner scooped up R$64.9 million ($35 million) in the Mega-Sena Lottery. To win the jackpot prize, players can either opt for Natural Selection (completing the 3-line form) or the Quick Pick option (random selection).

It is possible to wager in the range of 6-15 numbers out of a total of 60 numbers. By scoring at least 4, 5 or 6 points, players will be assured of prizes. Prizes are dependent on the total number of matching numbers featured on the lottery ticket. Minimum prices range from R$2 for 6 numbers to R$10,010, for 15 numbers. The statistical odds of winning the jackpot prize are approximately 1 in 50 million. Numbers can either be randomly generated by RNGs, or manually selected.

According to the prize structure of this lottery game, 46% of raw prizes go towards winners and 54% of income is either allocated towards maintenance costs or redistributed to social programs. From the former figure, 35% is allocated towards people hitting 6 numbers, 19% is allocated to people hitting 5 numbers, 19% is allocated towards people hitting 4 numbers and 22% is allocated towards a special lottery draw taking place every 5 years. The draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 PM Brazil time. Players have up to 90 days from the results of the draw to claim their winnings. Payouts are made in a single cash payment and there are no taxes due on the Mega-Sena lottery jackpot.

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