New transnational European lottery.

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General History

EuroJackpot was launched across European countries with the full jackpot and an immediate, considerable following in 2012.

Lottery Schedule

Drawings for this lotto are held on Friday

How to Play

Each EuroJackpot tickets costs €2 per line. Players must pick five correct numbers from options 1 to 50, plus two supplementary numbers from a possible eight. Players must hit all seven of those numbers in order to win a jackpot ranging from €10 million to €50 million euros.

Lottery age Limit

Anybody over 18 years old can play EuroJackpot.

Participating Countries

The following countries participate in EuroJackpot: Slovenia, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Denmark

Prize Structure

Were you not listening? 90 million euros could be won!

Grand Prize

€101,128 Euro.


If the jackpot is not won in a given week, the amount of the jackpot is added to the next draw. If the jackpot reaches the 90 million euro limit, it stops increasing. However, it can stay at the limit for 12 draws, and if it is not won by the 13ththen it will be claimed by the highest-won level.

Notable Wins

At this point in time, soon after the lottery was launched, no considerable jackpot were still hit.

More Information

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