Gold Lotto Saturday and Wednesday

Gold Lotto Saturday and Wednesday

A record top prize of $32 million for a Megadraw is the Gold Lotto record jackpot.

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General History

Gold Lotto is run by the Golden Casket Lottery Corporation which has been operating in Queensland for over 90 years. Golden Casket was owned by the Queensland government until 2007 at which point it sold the organisation to Tattersalls. Gold Lotto itself began in 1981 and was originally only drawn on Saturday nights. In May 1996, Wednesday Gold Lotto was introduced to give players a mid-week option. 

Gold Lotto uses a 6/45 matrix meaning that 6 winning numbers are randomly selected out of a pool of numbers, 1 through 45. A supplementary number is also drawn. The aim is to match as many winning numbers drawn from the barrel as possible with the numbers in a single game on your ticket.  To win a prize you need to match at least 3 of the winning numbers plus either supplementary number in one game.

Unlike Saturday Gold Lotto, Wednesday Gold Lotto does not jackpot. Instead it guarantees $1 million each for up to four first division winners each week. If there are one, two, three or four first division winners, they will each receive $1 million. If there are more than four winners, they will then share in a prize pool of $4 million.

Lottery Schedule

Drawings for this lotto are held on Wednesday, Saturday.

How to Play

There are five ways to play Gold Lotto:   

  1. Simply cross off 6 numbers from 45 in each game panel on your play slip.
  2. Play 'your favourite numbers' which your have recorded on your Golden Casket Winners Circle card.
  3. Ask for a 'Quick Pick' entry where your numbers are randomly selected for you. You have a choice between a Quickpick of 12 games, a Super Quickpick of 18 games, a Mega Quickpick of 24 games, or a JUMBO Quickpick of 36 games.
  4. Play with a 'System' entry you select 7 or more numbers in a single game panel giving you the chance to win more.
  5. Play a 'With the Field' entry which allows you to choose 4 or 5 numbers from 45 (depending on the option you choose).

You can also choose which draw you want to play in (Saturday or Wednesday) or both.

Participating Countries

The following countries participate in Gold Lotto Saturday and Wednesday: Australia

Prize Structure

Gold Lotto offers five prize divisions which are as follows:

1. Match six winning numbers
2. Match five winning numbers plus one supplementary
3. Match five winning numbers
4. Match four winning numbers
5. Match three winning numbers plus one supplementary

Grand Prize

A$1,000,000 Australian Dollar.


To increase your chances of winning you can play with a 'System' entry where you select 7 or more numbers in a single game. Or you can play a 'With the Field' entry which allows you to choose 4 or 5 numbers from 45 (depending on the option you choose).

On a number of occasions during the year, Saturday Gold Lotto offers extraordinarily large first division prize special draws which are called Superdraws. The jackpot can be up to $25 million. Saturday Gold Lotto also offers the chance to win $30 Million or more in the special Megadraw held once a year during the Christmas/New Year period.

Notable Wins

On 31 December 2005, a record first division prize of $32 million for a Megadraw was offered.

Distribution of Revenue

A percentage of the funds are returned to the Queensland government to support a variety of community projects that are for the benefit of the people of Queensland. 

If there is an unclaimed jackpot, the money is used to fund future Golden Casket jackpot prizes or for further promotions.

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