Hungary Hatoslotto

Hungary Hatoslotto

The Hungary Hatoslotto features a 6/45 Game Format!

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The Hungary Hatoslotto is one of the more popular lottery draws in Europe. This game takes place on Sundays. Players have an opportunity to win massive prizes by correctly selecting 6 numbers from a pool of 45 numbers. The Hungary Hatoslotto is known to have some of the most competitive winning odds in the European Union. Hungary hosted lottery games in Bratislava and Buda as early as 1763.

The present format of the Hungary Hatoslotto – the 6/45 format – has been in effect for quite some time. The draws for this lottery game are held weekly on Sundays at 3:50 PM. A third of all revenues collected in the infancy stages of the lottery were allocated to the state treasury, an additional third of revenues were allocated towards the construction of road and water projects for the authorities, and the remaining portion was allocated to the lottery organizers.

There are 4 prize divisions available in the Hungary Hatoslotto game. These include Division I which requires players to match 6 numbers with odds of approximately 1 in 8 million, Division II prizes which requires players to match 5 numbers with odds of approximately 1 in 34,000; Division III prizes which requires players to match 4 numbers with odds of 1 in 733; and Division IV prizes which requires players to match 3 winning numbers with odds of 1 in 45. Players have 90 days from the announcement of the winning numbers to claim their lottery prize, failing which they forfeit their winnings.

Lottery players are able to manually choose their preferred numbers, or to opt for the auto select option. To win a prize, a minimum of 3 numbers needs to be hit. The size of the prizes in the Hungary Hatoslotto is dependent on the number of players participating, and the number of winners. The actual jackpot payouts are evaluated against the number of players winning with all 6 numbers, 5 numbers, 4 numbers and 3 numbers. With this lottery game, players can enjoy up to six lotteries at one time beginning at 5 AM on Monday and 2:30 PM on Sunday. If a jackpot is not hit on Sunday, a rollover occurs for the next lottery prize draw.

Depending on the size of the lottery payouts, players are advised to cash in their winning lottery tickets at different places. Payouts that are considered large require the submission of an application for the jackpot prize.


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