Italy SiVinceTutto

Italy SiVinceTutto

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The Italy SiVinceTutto is one of the premier lottery games in Italy. This lottery game presents players with two opportunities to win prizes: in the main game, by matching 6 numbers with the drawn numbers, or by winning a secondary prize if the jackpot has not been hit. The draw for the Italy SiVinceTutto lottery takes place monthly, thus ensuring that the lottery prize pool reaches mega jackpot amounts.

The English translation of SiVinceTutto means Win It All and it is in this self-same spirit that players enjoy this jackpot rich game. To win the jackpot prize, players are required to match all 6 of the drawn lottery numbers. Players have a total of 90 numbers to choose from. There are multiple prize divisions available in this lottery and players can match between 2 and 5 numbers to win a prize. In the event that the jackpot is not won, millions of euros in prize money will be allocated to the secondary prize winners in the Italy SiVinceTutto.

The prize allocation in the Italy SiVinceTutto lottery game is as follows:

  • First Division Prize  requires players to match all 6 lottery numbers
  • Second Division Prize requires players to match 5 lottery numbers
  • Third Division Prize requires players to match 4 lottery numbers
  • Fourth Division Prize requires players to match 3 lottery numbers
  • Fifth Division Prize requires players to match 2 lottery numbers

This lottery differs markedly from other lottery draws since the prizes move to the secondary winners if there is no jackpot winner. The anticipation that surrounds this lottery is always high, since it only takes place once a month. There are several popular lottery games in Italy, notably the SuperEnalotto SuperStar and the SuperEnalotto. The SiVinceTutto lottery game gained official status back in 2011. The biggest jackpot payout to date was recorded at €24 million in April 2011. The most notable aspect of this lottery draw is its range of secondary prizes. These are dramatically boosted if the jackpot prize is not won in the monthly draw.

Getting started with the SiVinceTutto lottery is fairly straightforward. Players simply select 6 numbers from a pool of numbers between 1 and 90. It is possible to play a single line or an entire form. The auto select option is available as well as a manual selection of numbers. This lottery draw is usually held on the last Wednesday of the month, but SISAL often changes the date to keep players guessing. The lottery draw takes place at 8 PM local time. If no winners are crowned during a draw, 40% of the jackpot prize will be allocated to players with 5 numbers. Players who match 2, 3, or 4 numbers will receive between 3.36% and 32,38% of the total jackpot prize pool.

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