Italy SuperStar

Italy SuperStar

The Italy SuperStar Lottery is a Variant of the SuperEnalotto Game!

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The Italy SuperStar Lottery is a popular European lottery game featuring jackpots in the millions of euros. This lottery game is a variant of the SuperEnalotto game where prizes upwards of €2 million are regularly up for grabs. Players can win between 25 and 100 times their ticket price by matching the SuperStar lottery number. The guess range in this lottery game is 6 numbers from a range between 1 and 90. An additional number can also be selected - the SuperStar number. This number is also chosen from the same guess range. This Italian lottery game takes place 3 times a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays – at 7 PM GMT.

The SuperStar number is a unique feature of the Italy SuperStar Lottery. By including this number, this lottery game broadens the number of prize divisions to 8. The original SuperEnalotto only offers 5 prize divisions. The top prize in this lottery game is €2 million for a match-6 ticket, with the SuperStar number. There is a third-place prize worth €1 million which serves to boost the SuperEnalotto’s 5 correct numbers plus the Jolly Number second place prize.

By having the SuperStar number on your winning ticket, it is possible to increase secondary prizes between 25 and 100 times. Players also qualify for alternative prizes when they match 2 winning numbers and the Powerball, one winning number and the Powerball, or zero winning numbers and the Powerball. In total, there are some 13 categories of prizes when the SuperStar number is included.

Players wanting to win the SuperEnalotto SuperStar game are required to match all 6 numbers drawn from a pool of 90 numbers. Plus, players are required to match the SuperStar number too – which is drawn from a 2nd drum containing numbers from 1 through 90. Since there are 13 prize divisions in the game, the jackpot payouts can be immense. The Italy SuperStar lottery game has paid out prizes from €1.3 million to €180 million. When players win any of the Italy SuperStar lottery prizes (13 prize categories are available), notifications are sent via text message and e-mail. The maximum tax liability in Italy for lottery winnings is 6% on SuperStar prize payouts.

During the lottery draw, 6 numbers are selected from one drum containing 90 balls. The 7th number known as the Jolly Number will also be selected from the same drum. The SuperStar version of the SuperEnalotto game also has an 8th number that can be played. This number is drawn from a second drum and it has the effect of boosting players’ winnings in the game.

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