Spain El Gordo

Spain El Gordo

Get Ready to Play the Big One – the El Gordo Lottery!

Where to Buy Lottery Tickets

The Spain El Gordo is known throughout the world as the biggest lottery game. It is otherwise called the Spanish Christmas lottery – The Big One. This wildly popular lottery game began in 1812, and by 2013 the lottery prize pool was listed at over €2 billion. The structure and format of the Spain El Gordo lottery is markedly different from other lottery games around the world. The tickets are costly, but players are not compelled to purchase the whole ticket. The lottery payday with the Spain El Gordo will be significantly greater if players buy the whole ticket. This thrilling lottery game features a draw held every year on December 22. It takes several hours for the process to run its course, and people are often seen huddling around their radios and televisions as they await the results.

When and Where to Buy Tickets to the Spain El Gordo Lottery

Tickets for the Spain El Gordo lottery go on sale during the summertime, and they can be purchased right up until a few weeks before the draw in December. Each ticket is comprised of 10 smaller tickets. There are several ways to purchase tickets to the Spain El Gordo Christmas lottery, including the following:

  • Buy tickets on your own by visiting an official national lottery office in Spain
  • Buy tickets at bars across Spain where national lottery numbers are visible in the windows
  • Buy an entire ticket with friends or family – that way everyone gets their fair share of the winnings
  • Tickets to the Spain El Gordo lottery can also be purchased on the Internet at online lottery ticket sellers

Spain El Gordo Jackpot Prizes

The Spanish Christmas lottery, a.k.a. Spain El Gordo is the longest running lottery game in the world. It also features the world biggest lottery jackpot. During the course of 2012, it was estimated that if all the tickets had been sold, the payouts would exceed €2.5 billion. The first division category for The Big One had a jackpot prize pool of €720 million. It was shared among 180 winning ticket holders – each of them winning €4 million. In 2013, the number of series was reduced from 180 down to 160 and the total prize pool was valued at €2.24 billion.

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