Turkey Lotto 6/49

Turkey Lotto 6/49

See what you can win with the Turkey Lotto 6/49!

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General History

Lotteries have been prevalent in Turkey since the1800s, but the Turkey Lotto 6/49 was not officially released until 1996 by the Milli Piyango Company. 

Lottery Schedule

The draws for the Turkey Lotto 6/49 take place once a week on Saturdays. 

How to Play

Getting started with the Turkey Lotto 6/49 is easy. Players need to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49.  The rules for this lottery are really simple, and this lottery gives players a larger percentage of the prize pool compared to other lotteries. The reason being, there are only 4 prize categories.  A jackpot winner will be crowned if a player has correctly matched the 6 drawn numbers. 

Lottery Age Limit

You have to be at least 18 years old to play the Turkey Lotto 6/49. 

Participating Countries

The following countries participate in the Turkey Lotto 6/49: Turkey

Prize Structure

As stated, there are 4 prize categories in the Turkey Lotto and this includes the jackpot prize.  The following represents the prize structure for this lottery:

  • 1st place prize: Match all 6 numbers
  • 2nd place prize: Match 5 numbers
  • 3rd place prize: Match 4 numbers
  • 4th place prize: Match 3 numbers

Grand Prize

If the lottery is not won after 3 rollovers then the first place prize will be split between the secondary prize categories. 


The jackpot prize can be won when a player matches all 6 numbers that are selected in the draw. 

Notable Wins

The largest jackpot that was ever won in this lottery was TL6,856,757.35 in April 2008.  In March 2009, a couple won this lottery and netted TL6.5 million.  This win transformed the couple into instant celebrities in the country. 

Distribution of Revenue

If the jackpot is not won in 3 rollovers, it is divided between all of the secondary prize categories.  Some of the proceeds for this lottery are used as financial support to various beneficiaries in Turkey. 

Most of the proceeds are given to the Turkish Ministry of Defence.  Another large portion of the proceeds is given to Social Services which provides support to education, sports, culture, art and orphaned children.  The Istanbul Olympic Bidding Committee (IOBC) receives 5% of the earnings generated by this lottery. 

The lottery proceeds have been used to fund various special high schools around the country, including Anadolu Lisesi.  The practice of giving proceeds to these high schools began in 1990 before the Turkey Lotto 6/49 was officially launched. 

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