Top 2023 Online Casinos That Accept Deposits and Withdrawals Via Cashixir

Learn about Cashixir payment method and how to use it to deposit and withdraw from your casino cashier and discover the top online casinos that accept it. Cashixir is a popular digital payments solution which takes the form of a digital voucher. It is used in lieu of a payment card to pay for goods and services, transfer money, play online games, send gifts, or load accounts.

Cashixir is owned and operated by a UK company known as Cashixir Limited. This easy-to-use payment system can be used by merchants, consumers, and voucher partners. It is designed as a convenient online payments solution for customers, without any need for a payment card. Cashixir consumers use digital vouchers to transfer funds, pay for goods and services, or send money online.

Among its many benefits are the following:

  • Safe, secure, and convenient online purchases of goods and services
  • Cashixir facilitates online casino gaming for deposits and withdrawals
  • No need for entering payment card information to use Cashixir digital payments

Cashixir Digital Payments Security

Cashixir is recognised as digicert EV SECURE (SSL certification), supports Visa and MasterCard. As a consumer, Cashixir offers many unique benefits. These include enhanced privacy, security and transactions processing speed. Additional benefits of Cashixir include 24/7 accessibility, zero security concerns, instant online delivery of the voucher, flexibility, and multi-denominational vouchers.

Cashixir vouchers contain a 16-character code (alphanumeric) and are secured with a 5-digit security code (numbers only). When using the Cashixir voucher, customers will be required to enter the 5-digit security code, or provide specific digits from that code. A growing number of online retailers now accepts Cashixir as a preferred payment option.

Multiple Cashixir Agents are available for consumers to purchase these vouchers. These are provided on the Cashixir website under the Voucher Partners category. Customers and merchants can easily get in touch with the Cashixir support team at the land-based address in London, via telephone, or email. Customer support hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM through 5 PM GMT.

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