Recommended LHV Bank Casinos in 2023 - A Guide To Using LHV Bank At Online Casinos

Our guide for LHV Bank payment method and a list of the top online casinos that accept it ranked and reviewed - Estonian gamers are now turning to LHV as a payment method at their favourite online casinos. A single card will connect customers to two accounts.

LHV Bank is relatively young financial services provider in that the company was only established in 1999. A few years then followed before LHV Bank expanded outwards from its Tallinn headquarters in Estonia to Riga and Vilnius. LHV is now an extremely popular payment option for Estonian gamers at online casinos.

One Card – Two Accounts

As a payment method, the headline news for LHV is that customers receive a single bankcard that enables them to access both of their accounts. Therefore, LHV customers can choose to make payments from either their debit or credit accounts without having to carry around multiple cards.

That innovative approach appears to have been key in winning over Estonian customers. Following the company’s humble beginnings, it has grown considerably and it is now used by more than 50,000 customers. Continued expansion of LHV and wider acceptability from online casinos could help to encourage further growth.

A Credit Card for Football Fans

Sport betting fans will understandably be drawn to the LHV Football Card, which is a ground-breaking option for Estonian bank customers. Basically, the way it works is that LHV will pay 10 cents towards the football club of your choice for every purchase that you make.

Choose either the Estonia national team or else any club in the country, even including teams for women and children. Funds will go towards to supporting teams by funding the purchase of new equipment.

LHV certainly appears to be filled with innovative ideas in a financial marketplace that is heavily competitive. Such steps will be vital if LHV is to eventually expand outside of Estonia’s borders.

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