MEO Wallet

Save money on commissions and increase your margins by using the MEO Wallet.

Did you know that your mobile device could also be your cash register? Your entire business fit on a smartphone that can accept payments by bank card or direct deposit from MEO to MEO account. The system is simple and allows for instant payments without costly commissions. It's so easy and there are a number of ways to pay. 

Card Payments

If you'd like to use the card payment solution, simply enter the amount you wish to pay and choose bank card payment. The amount automatically appears on the screen of a TPA device and once confirmed, the money will be instantly transferred to your MEO Wallet. 

QR Code

Using the MEO app, players need only point the camera function at the QR code on the screen. Once the purchase is authorized, the money is automatically transferred into your wallet. 


If you would rather use SMS payments, your customer will send an SMS with the message "Pay" and you'll send them a 6-digit code that they will then reply. Once you've entered this code on your mobile device, the money will appear instantly in your wallet. 


First, on your mobile device, enable NFC and open the MEO app and enter the amount you want to pay. Players will choose "Pay" and touch mobile phone to mobile phone, and, presto, the money will be transferred automatically. 

With so many different solutions, MEO is an innovative company that is really looking to solve customer experience by making this easy, fast, and cheap. 

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