Top 2023 Online Casinos That Accept Deposits and Withdrawals Via Otpbank

Learn about Otpbank payment method and how to use it to deposit and withdraw - Discover the top online casinos that accept Otpbank - Otpbank is part of the OTP Group. The Hungarian group was established in the 2000s, and is now a leader in the East and Central European market, across 11 countries. Hungarian players can use this bank to process payments for online gambling.

Otpbank is a reputable provider of full-service banking to Hungarian customers. This online bank offers a range of bundled services such as everyday financial management with OTP SmartBank, QR code online banking logins, and ApplePay functionality. Customers can also apply for personal loans up to HUF 8 million with no property holdings as collateral required. The current interest rates for such services range between 7.3% and 24.1%. Bank customers can easily source bank accounts or ATMs through the website’s feature-rich functionality.

A Variety of Banking Options for Customers

Otpbank offers a variety of banking services for use in online gambling. With new regulations in place for Hungarian online gambling now in effect, Otpbank has positioned itself as one of the leading providers of payment processing options for legal-age players in the country. Otpbank offers an array of banking services such as home loans, personal loans, credit cards, mortgage free use services, and overdraft facilities. For those with savings, it offers a voluntary pension fund, car prize deposit, building society accounts, securities, and standard deposits.

Otpbank and the OTP Group

The bank is owned and operated by the OTP Group. Domestic group members include: OTP Bank, Merkantil Group, OTP Mortgage Bank, OTP Home Savings, OTP Factoring Claim Manager, OTP Real Estate Leasing, OTP Fund Manager, OTP Real Estate Fund Manager, OTP Real Estate, PortfoLion, OTP Mobil, eBiz, OTP Hungaro-Projekt, OTP Cashier,, OTP Financial Point, OTP Real Estate Point, OTP Travel, OTP Health Fund, OTP Voluntary Pension Fund, and OTP Life Annuity Real Estate Investor.

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