2023 Paynet Deposit and Withdrawal Guide With Our Top Recommended Paynet Casinos

Paynet Casino Payment Method Guide with a list of the best online casinos accepting it - Paynet by Openpay allows customers to purchase online and pay in cash. The 4-step process to getting started with Paynet is quick and easy to accomplish. With multiple affiliated stores, it's a breeze to securely transfer funds with Paynet.

Paynet by Openpay features a 4-step process to making payments. Customers begin by getting their Paynet reference when choosing the 'paying cash' option. Next, the reference can be printed out or stored on the customer's smartphone and taken to an affiliated store. Once the cashier sees the reference code, the payment can be made.

Customers are advised to save the voucher for their personal records. The fourth and final step in the process involves the actual payment registration and confirmation. The online store will receive notification whether the payment has been successfully processed (or not) for the customer.

Multiple affiliated stores have partnered with this Mexican payment processing option. They include the following: Benavides, Farmacias del Ahorro, Bodega Aurrera, 7 Eleven, Walmart, Super Farmacia, Waldo’s, Extra, Kiosko, Alsuper, Circle K, and Superama. Various payment platforms are also supported, including GestoPago, A Tiendas, Multi Recargas, and Pago Rapido.

Customers can easily buy online and pay in cash using Paynet. Once you've made a payment with the Paynet system, you can easily check on the status of that payment transfer by simply entering the amount and reference number on the Paynet website.

This payment processing company provides customers with a wide range of advanced online payment solutions. This includes innovative, real-time platform functionality to facilitate bank transfers, loyalty points payments, and cash transfers in a single integration. Sophisticated anti-theft deterrents are in place too.

The parent company – Openpay - was founded by Héber Lazcano, Eric Nunez, and Roberto Bargagli. BBVA Bancomer purchased this company in 2016, but the cofounders continue to run operations. The user-friendly payment solution provided by Openpay and Paynet is an example of cutting-edge FinTech in the payments arena. This payment processing service was designed for direct interaction between customers and convenience store chains for payment processing.

The steps in the process require the customer to make a payment at a convenience store. The store then requests payment authorization for these services. Next, an online validation request is performed by Openpay. The merchant validates the reference data, and authorizes or rejects the transaction Openpay then communicates with the convenience store when the payment is accepted/rejected.

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