Sporopay is an online payment method that acts as a middleman between your online gambling provider and bank, caters mainly to Slovenian-based customers.

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Sporopay is an online payment method that acts as a middleman between your online gambling provider and bank. It caters mainly to Slovenian-based customers, and can be used at a number of online casinos and gambling sites. It allows gamblers to make payments quickly and securely just by conducting a number of steps.

How to Make a Payment Using Sporopay?

The very nature of Sporopay as a real-time banking payment system means that transactions are performed immediately. Just select Sporopay from the list of banking options, and you’ll be redirected automatically to the firm's e-payments website, complete the payment order form, fill in the requested security data and press ok. Once the bank confirms that your details are correct (this is automated, and takes a couple of seconds), you will be redirected to your online casino.

Following confirmation, the payment will be processed immediately, and details sent to the online gambling customer's email to keep in their personal records. Users can make payments straight into the accounts of Internet merchants from their own online bank account in a matter of seconds.

The Perks of Using Sporopay

Sporopay has the headquarters in Slovakia and as mentioned above caters mostly for local players. Having said this, it is a good alternative for European customers, since the preferred currency is the Euro. The minimum amount for a single transaction is €1 and the upper limit is set to €500, so there’s plenty of room to maneuver.

The advantage of this payment method is that it withholds your private banking details from your online gambling provider, meaning you can play all your favourite games or bet on your chosen sports in the knowledge that your account is secure. Furthermore, a chargeback process is available to shoppers, which means that unsatisfied customers can dispute the transactions and get their money back.

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