Best Online Casinos that Accept xPAY Payments in 2023: Expert Reviews Of The Best xPAY Casinos

xPAY Casino Payment Method Guide with a list of the best online casinos accepting it - With xPAY, credit card payments have never been easier on your smartphone or tablet device.

xPAY is a popular point of sales app, which enables its users to make and accept credit card payments on their mobile device. This cutting-edge new technology does not need any terminal, nor card reader and uses the devices' camera to scan credit cards and update the details quickly and efficiently. The company is based in France, but has users all over the world. 

xPAY makes credit card payments very simple. Users need not pay for any monthly subscription fees, it is compatible with all credit cards, and it does away with the need for any paper receipts, as they are sent immediately following purchase directly to ones email. Behind the app lies some incredible cyber security, which is powered by Stripe, making it safe to use and incredibly easy. 

For merchants, funds are directly transferred to ones bank account directly, without going through any third, fourth or fifth party providers, as with other mobile credit card payment solutions. This unique app is incredibly fast and uses a 3-step process. The first thing is to choose an amount to charge, then the card details are added, and then the payment is validated instantly. Easy, reliable and very inexpensive, with some of the lowest transactions fees you could ever imagine.

The app is available for free download from the App Store on iOS devices, or on Google Play for Android devices. It is a sleek design and very easy to navigate, making it a joy to use and very convenient. 

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