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Poker Ride

Poker Ride progressive jackpot - an online poker game with a progressive jackpot to play for.

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Poker Ride Progressive Jackpot 

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The optional fixed value bet placed before each hand qualifies players for the progressive jackpot. A Royal Flush of any suite wins you the jackpot. But there's a second chance to win too. Poker Ride is the first progressive jackpot table game that pays out for a Straight Flush. Just like in a land-based casino, Poker Ride pays out 10% of the jackpot for this winning hand.

The average jackpot on Poker Ride is a thrilling $122,556.46. The biggest win was $218,228. With a reset value is $30,000 there's plenty up for grabs whenever you play.


Poker Ride has minimum coins of 0.50 and has a max bet of 100. Players aim for the strongest 5 card hand and can make an ante bet plus bets each round.

The game is played with a 52 card deck and no wild cards. It follows traditional online poker rules with the exception that if you take advantage of the side bet then you gain the chance to win big time.


Launched in 2005 Poker Ride has similarities to Let It Ride and includes a progressive jackpot to crank up the exhilaration. Players love the mix of luck and strategy combined with the enticing progressive jackpot on the table.

Poker Ride offers all the fun of poker mixed with a progressive jackpot. If you like poker, you'll love Poker Ride. Try it today. 

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