Hybrino Casino Software and Game Developer: Features, Profile, and Top Online Casinos Featuring Hybrino Games

If innovation and excitement is what you're after, look for Hybrino at your favorite gambling site. On this page you can find the top Hybrino online casinos reviewed and ranked.

Hybrino creates and operates a number of online casino games that are introduced as casino tournaments. There are few experiences as exciting as playing in a tournament and with big prizes on the line, Hybrino creates a great option.

Their products feature in-game promotions, which are distributed in the form of free bets and free tournament tickets. Games are played in the style of Blackjack and are run in the form of a poker tournament, a hybrid-style of casino gaming. During a tournament, players are both the player and the dealer and Hybrino has developed a cool artificial intelligence robot (AIR) that plays with you and gives commentary throughout the tournament.


The Tournament Games are the most popular and they challenge players to beat 2, 3 or 5 AIR players to try and win the tournament. In Jackpot Tournament mode, players must beat a fixed number of AIR players in a row to win serious jackpot prizes. The Virtual Tournaments have players bet on an AIR player to win the tournament, much like the Virtual Sports betting craze.

This is an excellent option for players seeking a multi-player feeling, but on a single player casino game. In addition to the Tournament games, Hybrino offers tournament betting and jackpot games. They all have unique features and worthwhile promotional offers to choose from.

Hybrino's games are optimizes for all mobile and PC devices using a state-of-the art HTML 5 platform. Operators can select virtually any option including languages, content, design, promotions and jackpots making it very beneficial for them, as well as players.

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