Exclusive OCR Interview with Yurii Muratov of 3 OAKS Gaming

Shane. - October 27, 2023
Image of 3 OAKS Gaming Chief Business Development Officer Yurii Muratov

3 OAK Gaming has launched some incredible new casino games and has a great community following. Learn more about their design philosophy, focus on player feedback, industry partnership views, and plans going into 2024 and beyond.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Yurii Muratov, Chief Business Development Officer at 3 OAKS Gaming, to discuss the finer details of running a successful iGaming development company. Join us as we delve into their view on partnerships, casino game developments, fan appreciation, and their plans for the future.

OCR: We know 3 Oaks has quickly become a success in the iGaming industry, but can you introduce the company to our readers? Tell us more about the company's start and what the drive behind it has been since the start.

Yurii Muratov: Thank you for acknowledging our achievements; we're genuinely proud of the growth we've experienced so far. 3 Oaks Gaming has emerged as a prominent force in the iGaming industry. We're dedicated to supplying top-tier game content and innovative marketing solutions for regulated global markets. Our cornerstone lies in crafting premium slot games, complemented by state-of-the-art promotional tools that heighten player engagement.

Established in 2021, our leadership team carries a rich legacy of industry expertise. We remain committed to fostering a culture of excellence, attracting the industry's brightest minds. Our overarching mission? To solidify our position as the go-to content provider in the regulated iGaming domain.

OCR: We love that 3 Oaks Gaming has already achieved so much. From your partners to your impressive software. How have you achieved this growth?

YM: Central to our growth strategy is an unwavering belief in the power of strategic collaboration. Our alliances with esteemed aggregators, such as REEVO, SOFTSWISS, BetConstruct, Salsa Technology, and Digitain, are more than just partnerships; they represent a deliberate roadmap for expansion. Leveraging the vast networks these aggregators bring to the table has granted us an expansive platform to spotlight our games.

A significant milestone was our foray into the Italian market, facilitated by our partnership with Tuko Productions. This collaboration paved the way for our games to reach the screens of esteemed online brands like Goldbet, Lottomatica, Betpoint, Snai, and Sisal.

While entering fresh markets presents challenges, our aggregator partners' unparalleled reach has been a game-changer. Moreover, our commitment to regulatory compliance is unwavering. As we broaden our global presence, we ensure that our internal processes remain sturdy, adapting to diverse regulatory landscapes. This approach ensured compliance and paved the way for impressive market penetrations, often surpassing our projections.

OCR: It's great that 3 Oaks already has over 65 games! Does the company have a goal for how many new releases it creates each year?

YM: Absolutely. Our game development strategy is both dynamic and proactive. We're driven by a commitment to regularly enhancing our portfolio with diverse, top-notch games for our partners and players. As our content roadmap outlines, we target the launch of two to three new slots monthly.

This ambition is fueled by our exceptional team of game developers who are unwavering in their dedication to producing immersive and innovative gaming experiences. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every new game aligns with our strict quality benchmarks.

Our consistent release schedule means our partners can always count on new and captivating content, giving them the edge to captivate and sustain a diverse player base.

OCR: What is the 3 Oaks formula for creating an online slot that players love?

YM: At the heart of our game design philosophy is a commitment to striking visual aesthetics, making our games immediately stand out to players. Spanning our portfolio is a broad mix of themes, mechanics, and features tailored to cater to a broad spectrum of player tastes, with the distinctive 3 Oaks signature clearly evident to those familiar with our creations.

Beyond aesthetics, we're meticulous about crafting an interface that dovetails flawlessly with gameplay, ensuring an uninterrupted and immersive player journey. Coupled with this, our games are enriched with exclusive features and mechanics that not only elevate the gameplay experience but also present players with enticing chances to boost their rewards.

OCR: What can fans of 3 Oaks Gaming look forward to in the future? 

YM: Central to our forward-looking vision is a relentless drive for innovation, excellence, and expansion. As we stride into 2024 and beyond, not only are we focusing on introducing fresh features and game mechanics to captivate our players, but we're also setting our sights on new markets. This expansion aims to bring our top-tier gaming experience to a broader global audience. Our valued partners can look forward to thrilling game launches and our presence in new and dynamic markets.

Currently, our efforts are channeled toward obtaining licenses and certifications to strengthen our footprint. Regions such as Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Malta, and Greece are firmly in our plans, and we're also pursuing certifications in regions such as South Africa, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Ontario, and the UK. As always, our unwavering commitment remains to deliver the very best in slot games wherever we set our footprint.

Now is Your Chance to Play 3 OAKS Games

With their passion for instant slots, player-friendly features, and a drive to offer the best online gambling experience possible, it is easy to see why they have become so popular. Don’t simply take our word for it. Visit our dedicated 3 OAKS Gaming page and join any of the casinos offering their online slots to see for yourself what the hype is all about!

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