Gambling Strategy for Crash Casino Games and the New Limbo Variant

Published March 27, 2023 by Shane

Gambling Strategy for Crash Casino Games and the New Limbo Variant

Learn more about how to play Crash Casino Games and the new Limbo version, what separates the two and advanced strategies to incorporate to step up your gaming.

Fast-paced and easy-to-learn games of chance are rapidly beginning to dominate the online casino industry. Crash Casino Games and the new Limbo version are primary examples of quality entertainment derived from simple games.

In this guide, we look at these games, what makes them different and optimal strategies for maximising wins at a lower risk.

How to play crash casino games

Crash casino games are quickly becoming popular with online gamblers. The first time you see one of these games, you might notice that these games resemble the stock market. Crash is one of the most popular Stake games, and much like with the stock market, a crash in this game is not something you want to happen.

How does it work? Crash is a popular game because it is quick and fun to learn. One thing to know is that this is a community-based game meaning that bets are placed in unison, and the game round only starts once all bets have been placed. There is generally a set time during which bets must be made, and only once the timer for bet placement has run out will the game round start.

Game rounds generally last a few seconds, with the game outcome visible for all to see. When betting on a Crash, enter the amount you want to wager in the Bet Amount field and select a 'Cashout At' number. The latter is your focal point during the game that the multiplier needs to climb to or beyond. The options range from 1,01x to a maximum of 1,000,000x.

The higher the amount you choose, the bigger your prize will be, but the crash is often low, making it wiser to choose a low cash-out point if you wish to increase your odds of winning. While your winnings will be smaller, it is a low-risk strategy that can grow your bank balance slowly but surely. One benefit of Crash games is that you can cash out earlier than your set Cashout At number if you feel a potential crash is coming before the multiplier reaches your number.

While there are no set strategies that can consistently deliver, there are players who swear by them. When playing crash games, some effective methods have been placing low bets on a high multiplier or setting the auto cashout on a 2x multiplier. Smaller bets like a 1.01x multiplier almost guarantee a win but remember, these will be small wins.

The differences between the crash and the new Stake version Limbo

Crash games have been quite popular within the online gaming industry for the disruptive gaming experience they provide. It’s fun, fast, and unexpected. So, what makes Stake’s new Limbo game so different from Crash?

Limbo is a live version of Crash games. With both games, you get to set your preferred payout multiplier, but unlike the crash games, Limbo does not allow you to cash out before a potential crash.

Another big difference is that Limbo is played at a much quicker pace with no waiting time. If you’re looking for larger payouts and faster playing times, then Limbo is your game. In short, when you wait for others to place bets in Crash games, Limbo enables you to place about 100 bets in 2 minutes if you want, with the opportunity of large payouts between 100 and 1000x. The game has the potential to award a max win of 1,000,000x bet, but the chances of such a win are super low.

The game has a high Return to Player percentage of 99% and a range of great additional features to enhance the experience. Features include Hotkeys like Make a Bet, Double Bet Amount, Half Bet Amount, and Zero Bet Amount. You can also take advantage of the Auto Play/Auto Mode to set up an automatic betting experience for hands-free betting. The handy menus also offer the option to check your gaming history and toggle animations off and on.

Advanced strategies for playing crash & Limbo

Crash and Limbo are games of chance, which ultimately means the outcome is unpredictable. Strategy won’t guarantee a win, but a good strategy can sometimes be helpful.

As this game doesn’t require prior knowledge, it can often feel like you're jumping in the deep end, which might make a good strategy somewhat helpful to get you started.

A low-risk strategy that has the potential to help maximise your profit is to set the Target Multiplier on something small, like 1.2 and start with a low bet of 2.00. From there, you increase the bet amount by the total won from each game round. So, if your game round awards a 0.40 win, your next bet will be 2.40, with the target multiplier still at 1.2.

Remember that this potentially rewarding strategy still comes with the risk of losing your total bet and total winnings for all rounds. For optimal betting, it’s best to stick to small bets and Target Payouts.

Another preferred strategy is the Martingale, where you raise your wager after every loss and return your stake to the initial amount after every win.

How Get Started Playing Crash and Limbo Today

Crash Casino Games and the new Limbo are taking over the online gaming sphere thanks to the quick pace and significant win potential. It's quick to learn, fun to play and something different from what players are accustomed to.

You can explore the many different versions of crash games or try the new Limbo version today at any of the top recommended crypto casinos. Register your new player account, grab your welcome bonus and play Crash and Limbo games today.

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