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Bitcoin is a kind of digital currency that is becoming more and more mainstream; its uniqueness comes from its consensus exchange, as opposed to being backed by a financial institution.

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You may have heard more about Bitcoin over the past few years; it is being heralded as future money. What’s fascinating about Bitcoin is that it’s not money.

What is it?

Its website says Bitcoin is "a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money." This means there is no central controller; its user's power and virtual coins are traded, creating a new payment system of “cryptocurrency.”

Cryptocurrency uses cryptography to control its transactions as opposed to banks or financial institutions. In Bitcoin, there is no bank backing its virtual transactions; coins are valued because users value them.

Acquiring Bitcoins

To users, Bitcoin is simply a way to complete Bitcoin transactions; it is an eWallet. People acquire bitcoins by purchasing them at a Bitcoin exchange, exchanging coins, or competitive mining. 

No Ownership

The creators of the Bitcoin site compare Bitcoin technology to email - nobody owns the technology, but people do need to have compatible software to use it. Bitcoin can only work with a consensus among the users, so everyone has a vested interest in protecting the consensus.

Do People Use it?

Yes. In August 2013, the value of all bitcoins in circulation exceeded $1.5 billion. A number like that only comes about through the daily use of large numbers of bitcoins.

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