Playson Unveils Game-Changing 'Hold for Spin' Feature Elevating Slot Gaming Experience

OCR Editor. - September 27, 2023
Classic Hold & Spin

Renowned digital entertainment leader Playson announces a groundbreaking feature, Hold for Spin, aiming to revolutionize the slot gaming domain. This novel feature, enhancing player control and gameplay pace, promises a more engaging and expedited gaming experience, ushering in a new era of slot gaming.

Taking a giant leap in digital entertainment, Playson introduces the Hold for Spin feature to the slot gaming world. This innovative functionality allows players to take the reins of the game by merely maintaining pressure on the spin button, akin to autoplay mode. Upon release, the game resumes its original pace. This dynamic interaction enables players to dictate the game's speed, particularly during certain game events, providing a swift gateway to the game's primary features and hastening the activation of bonus modes.

Turbocharging Gameplay

Hold for Spin unveils two thrilling game speed modes - Quick Spin and Turbo Spin. While Quick Spin maintains a balanced gameplay speed, Turbo Spin is where the real excitement lies. It escalates the pace by enhancing the RNG server reactions, driving players faster towards coveted bonuses, and focusing solely on rewarding game outcomes. The statistics are telling; Turbo Spin sessions witness a substantial 65% increase in the average sum of bets and a 7% rise in the average bet, manifesting the feature's capacity to elevate engagement and wagering enthusiasm.

Positive Impact and Future Rollouts

The feature is already making waves in recent Playson game releases across multiple regulated markets. Early data underscores the positive influence of Hold for Spin on heightened player engagement. Playson plans to integrate this feature in all future game releases and retrofit it in its existing top game portfolio for eligible markets. This commitment showcases Playson's dedication to continuous innovation, keeping pace with market dynamics, and enhancing the gaming experience for players.

A Responsible and Lucrative Innovation

Nataliia Shkarbanova, PO at Playson, emphasized that Hold for Spin is more than just a feature—it's a significant stride towards fine-tuning the Playson experience. This responsible innovation aligns with player preferences and is tailored to players' desire for greater gameplay control. From an operator's perspective, the rise in wager amounts and bet sizes due to Turbo Spin is appealing, even if the sessions are shorter. Playson's unwavering commitment to adapting to market shifts is evident, with optimistic outlooks regarding this feature's performance in the months ahead.

About Playson

Playson, a rapidly evolving digital entertainment supplier, operates in 22 regulated markets globally, partnering with over 180 entities worldwide. With a rich portfolio of online casino games characterized by engaging math and beautiful aesthetics and armed with recognition from reputed licensing bodies, Playson is well-poised to fulfill its ambition of delivering unparalleled entertainment and satisfaction in today's bustling world.

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