5 Card Stud Poker

5 Card Stud Poker

The original version of the stud poker.

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5 card stud poker is the original version of the game stud poker which originated during the America civil war and was the game of choice for cowboys and gun slinger's in old West saloons. Despite a decline in popularity compared to its close cousin ,7 card stud poker, and huge popularity of Texas no Holden poker, it still remains a popular game in many parts of the world. Five card stud online is also an ever increasing popular game.

How to play-5 card stud poker and the game rules:

  1. To begin with each player is dealt two cards; one card is facing up the other facing down
  2. The first bet is decided from one of two options. The first is a forced bet or 'bring in' whereby the player with the lowest up card makes the first bet. If there is no 'bring in', the first betting round starts with the player who has the highest up-card who may also check. If there is a tie in ranking between two players in their up-cards then the player to the immediate left (clockwise) of the dealer makes the first bet.
  3. Each player is dealt another face-up card making their second dealt card. From now on the player with the highest ranking face-up card places the first bet and can choose to bet up to the limit or check.
  4. This exact sequence of betting continues for the third and fourth betting rounds.
  5. The fourth betting round is followed by a 'showdown' where each player will make their final bets, raises and re-raises until the final cards are revealed and a winner is pronounced. However, a fifth round is rare as usually a five-card stud game ends early when there are no calls to a players bet.

The 5 card stud game is a great game for beginners who are able to master the game in a relatively short time due to the limited number of cards involved in comparison to other versions of the game. Beginners and pros alike are also able to have a better of other players possible hands. Despite its decline in popularity this is still a thoroughly enjoyable and classic version of the famous game.

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