Make deposits and draw winnings with InstaDebit - a payment method that transfers funds between bank account and online gambling site without surrendering private information.

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InstaDebit runs operations in Europe and North America, allowing gamblers to make payments to merchants directly from their bank account. InstaDebit never holds a balance, rather transferring the payments - deposits and winnings - instantly to and from the user. This service is free of any charge for the users, instead charging the casinos.


  • InstaDebit does not require credit card information. In registration, the user provides basic banking information and from that point on, all transactions are smooth and instant.
  • No additional personal information is provided to the merchants either. Thus the InstaDebit option protects the user's privacy.
  • Past transactions can be reviewed online around the clock.


  • InstaDebit is free to sign up to, free to use and free throughout.
  • No credit card or other intermediary is involved. Payments are made directly from the user's bank account, while protecting your privacy.

How to fund:

InstaDebit works the same as writing a check or using your debit card. Your purchases will appear as checks on your bank statement. All necessary information is provided at sign-up, when registering one or more bank accounts.


InstaDebit keeps the users' private information secure, never sharing it with the online gambling site or any other merchant. Furthermore, the payment service provider uses advanced security and encryption technologies, protects from attempted fraud and identity theft in accordance with law enforcement authorities, and implements geo-location and ISP identifier data.

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