Gridcoin Online Casinos

Gridcoin has all the advantages of crypto currency transfers, while also using the resources needed to create new blockchains to power meaningful scientific projects.

Online Casinos Accepting Gridcoin

What is it?

Gridcoin is an open source network protocol that uses the popular blockchain technology, in the same way that Bitcoin does. Despite the many similarities to the better-known crypto currency, Gridcoin is aimed at providing players with an easier way of dealing with digital money. The implementation of the Proof of Research protocol, rewards users who perform scientific computations on the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. Compared to Bitcoin it uses a more energy efficient system.

Near Instant Peer to Peer Transactions

One of the main strengths of Gridcoin is that it allows transactions that are nearly instant, between people from all over the world. This is particularly useful for merchants, but also Gridcoin online casinos and other enterprises that rely on fast money transfers. While users enjoy the convenience of this technology, they also have a positive impact in the scientific world. That’s because the BOINC calculations that produce the crypto currency benefit mankind by powering important scientific projects.

Gridcoin Online Casinos

Internet gamblers who play at Gridcoin online casinos enjoy the best of both worlds. On one hand they can rely on secure and anonymous transactions that keep their Internet gambling habits secret. At the same time, they have a positive impact on the world by indirectly supporting the aforesaid scientific projects. They can play the latest games from leading software developers, take part in promotions and claim bonuses when joining the casinos.

Who Uses Gridcoin?

Anyone who seeks near instant peer to peer transactions can take advantage of this technology. Gridcoin online casinos are home to people who want to enjoy their favorite games over the Internet in complete anonymity. Shoppers, vendors and all sorts of online merchants have learned about the advantage of digital currency and some have added Gridcoin on the list of accepted payment methods. Last but definitely not least, there are investors who regard crypto currency as a profitable investment.

Gridcoin Online Casinos

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