Monero Online Casinos

Monero uses its own encryption algorithms and technologies to make transactions completely opaque to unauthorized third parties.

Online Casinos Accepting Monero

Monero is one of the most original crypto currencies and one of the few that do not actually the right from Bitcoin. The vast majority of its counterparts chose to walk down the traveled paths and use the same algorithms and block chain technology. Meanwhile, Monero provides a higher level of privacy by using its own protocol called CryptoNote. Its digital currency units can be substituted by one another which effectively ensures privacy, but also makes the crypto currency fungible.

Different Protocol, Same Reliability

Monero is truly innovative and it was quickly embraced not only by regular users but also by savvy crypto currency handlers. Even Bitcoin users sometimes rely upon it to break link between transactions and take advantage of its stealth addresses. Monero online casinos obviously don’t need this kind of high-tech encryption, but gamblers who want to stay completely off the radar will surely appreciate the features. It is virtually impossible to find out how much money one is transferring over the Internet.

Online casinos that accept Monero have gained more popularity recently and they allow players to deposit in many other crypto currencies. Only a fraction of their players actually mine the coins themselves and the vast majority prefer to buy it like regular currency. Miners will find solace in the fact that the currency can be mined pretty effectively on consumer grade hardware. Since 2013 when it was created, it gained traction and encountered a single serious problem in late 2014. That issue was promptly resolved.

Who Uses Monero?

The same people and were quick to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon were more than happy to embrace Monero. They were drawn to it by the superior encryption that guarantees privacy and helps them maintain the anonymity of all financial transactions. The crypto currency has experienced rapid growth in 2016 and it is still gaining traction worldwide. Only a minority of its users is made of people who choose to gamble at Monero casinos, but they enjoy all its advantages.

In early 2017, the Monero transactions became even more secured, when a new encryption algorithm was implemented. At the time of writing, this is one of the best choices for people who seek the ultimate privacy through Monero gambling. The only downside is that compared to other crypto currencies, there are fewer online casinos that accept it. The best case scenario is for players to find an online gambling operator that has a longer list of crypto currencies accepted, including this one.

Monero Online Casinos

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