Stratis Online Casinos

Stratis helps developers better integrate the blockchain technology and provide an easier way for ventures to provide customized solutions for their clients.

Online Casinos Accepting Stratis

What is it?

Stratis is a blockchain development platform helping institutions and corporations implement the technology across different industries. Its goal is to simplify the use of blockchain and make it more accessible to regular people who know little about this technology. It uses the same proven concepts as Bitcoin, which helps them project an image of trustworthiness given the popularity of the well-known crypto currency. Having said this, it was enhanced and uses the Microsoft.Net Framework.

Stratis Greatly Simplifies Blockchain Technology

In spite of the fact that more people have heard about crypto currencies and some even invest in digital money, the technology is still insufficiently understood. Stratis helps the developers integrate crypto currency capabilities and help individual users as well as the broad community. Developers can test their applications on the Cloud Stratis platform and customize their blockchain implementations based on what clients expect. It even offers provisions of blockchain notes for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitshares.

Stratis Online Casinos

Internet gambling operators and their customers are some of the biggest beneficiaries of the recent success of crypto currency. By providing an environment in which they can gamble securely and in total anonymity, digital money is helping their cause. Stratis online casinos are a new breed, but everything suggests that they are here to stay. With bigger than average industry bonuses and promotions, the same impressive collections of games and reliable payment methods, they have plenty of fans already.

Who Uses Stratis?

Developers are the main beneficiaries of the Stratis technology, with Fintech ventures already tapping into its tremendous potential. They can use it to deal with difficult issues such as settlement management, know your client compliances and clearance. Stratis also comes in handy when it comes to product tracking and verification, and perhaps the most important, it will help with the Internet of Things. The term defines everything that is automatically updated by Internet technology and automates the process.

Stratis Online Casinos

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