Zcash Online Casinos

Zcash is a crypto currency that emphasizes the importance of making transactions completely private.

Online Casinos Accepting Zcash

Zcash is the latest in a long chain of crypto currencies made available to savvy Internet users and online gamblers. It uses the Zerocoin protocol and since 2016 it strives to provide more anonymity to those who rely upon it for online transfers. This explains why there are so many Zcash online casinos despite the fact that this is a new digital currency. With a solid founding team that includes top cryptographers, it can be used to fulfill all gambling needs as well as to pay for goods and services.

Zcash Transactions are Fast and Secure

Zcash payments are anonymous but still transparent as they can be published on a public blockchain. Even though this might look like it defeats the purpose of protecting the anonymity of those using it, it is not actually a problem. That’s because users have the option of activating a privacy feature that conceals the recipient, the sender as well as the amounts transacted. This makes transactions secure and fast, which are two important ingredients sought after by those who have embraced Zcash gambling.

This ZEC crypto currency bears many similarities to Bitcoin, as both of them have a fixed total supply. As a result, the value of Zcash is expected to rise as fewer coins can be produced and it makes it tempting for investors. Its founder went to great lengths to convince law enforcement agencies that its goal was never to produce money that would fuel illegal activities. What the crypto currency does is simply to create a safe way to transfer funds online anonymously, something sought after by Zcash online casino users.

Who Uses Zcash?

2017 has been a great year for all crypto currencies and Zcash in particular as it just entered the top 10 list by market capitalization. Not surprisingly, the number of users is also on the rise and people try to take advantage of at potential surge in its price. In the gambling arena this also produced consequences as online casinos accepting Zcash have become more numerous. Their websites can be accessed easily and customer support provides assistance to those who need help when they make the first transactions.

Zcash gambling is a relatively new activity but it has the moral backing of countless successful deposits and withdrawals made using other crypto currency. Bitcoin has acted as a springboard for its peers and people are now more inclined to open accounts at Zcash casinos. The operators have a different approach, with some offering players the possibility of depositing and wagering in mainstream currencies. By comparison, there are online casinos that only accept virtual currency and exclusive Zcash online casinos are probably just around the corner.

Zcash Online Casinos

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