Prague Gaming Summit

Prague Gaming Summit

Delegates who attend the Prague Gaming Summit are there to discuss the Polish, Czech Republic and Slovakian iGaming industry.

iGaming specialists from all around the world will share their expertise at the next Prague Gaming Summit (PGS) on March 29th, 2018. The entire conference will be hosted at the Andel’s by Vienna House Prague, which is a boutique hotel that is geared towards accommodating business travelers.

PGS was first hosted in 2017, with organizers inviting iGaming experts from all over the world. They will hold a presentation that we later give way to workshops in which the experts invite the delegates to share their ideas. Specialists from several industries related to crypto currencies and eSports will discuss the latest trends and suggest the direction in which these are heading.

Focus on Central European Countries

In the beginning, PGS was operated with a more focused approach in which delegates attempt to discuss what is best for the Polish, Slovak and Czech Republic’s iGaming industry. One of the fundamental areas of discussion for PGS is the challenge of figuring out how the local governments can make constitutional adjustments. Some of these changes could benefit sensitive issues, like Responsible Gambling and AML.

The idea of making those amendments was to attract iGaming operators, software providers, and related service companies to join a fully regulated market. In the years to come, this will likely continue to be a priority for PGS. The conference has the merit of keeping the sensitive issues in the spotlight, which improves the chances of a swift resolution.

Typical Structure

PGS typically favors a two-day structure in which delegates are eased into the conference with a registration session where refreshments are provided. There will continue to be further networking sessions positioned strategically between the main discussion points of the conference.

PGS operates at a smaller-scale compared to some of the world’s largest iGaming conferences that attract thousands of delegates. This is why there is a more focused agenda and why the attendance numbers are limited to a few hundred, so as to stimulate deeper discussions within sessions.

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