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    My username in nitrogensports is [4106249] I asking for help. 'Nitrogensports' deducted btc on my account cause they said I am fraud, which is not. This is how it goes: - i deposited btc on my account then bet NBA and won - i processed withdrawal on my btc, but it took 4 hrs but still on processing - thats why I chatted on chatbox asking if it is normal, then someone asking my wallet address, which he said he can confirm it. I thought he is the admin, thats why I post it there. - nitrogensports deducted btc on my account due to reason that, they said I have fraud activities. - nitrogensports said my wallet is link to other 4 fraud account activity. And this one account [706248] and me has same location and they conclude that I have relation to that person. - I dont know who is that account [706248] .I dont know what he did to my wallet address. -they acussed me of having multiple accounts thats why they froze my account. They said that I am involved in poker fraud. Which, in my history of betting, I didnt visit poker platform. I only bet NBA and dice once. - I contacted the support they said that their decision is irrevocable. -they are unfair doing such investigation and conclude too early that Im a fraud. - even though Im trying to explain that it was honest mistake to post my wallet publicly, they didnt listen. - nitrogensports is horrible. They are like scams that they deduct btc on your account then says you violated their terms. Even though you try to explain all they can say is 'their decision is irrevocable'. What should I do?