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  3. My biggest amount of money was 70$ in one of online slots... But never too big ones, I always keep my limits in budget for games.
  4. I adore Motorhead too
  5. I usually buy them once for two weeks... But I've never been lucky with winning smth in this way
  6. Oh thanks for shring with this info guys! I needed it because I don't remember well all that information about ranks too
  7. Each product kills if you don`t feel your measure...
  8. I adore this! But for me such long sleeping usually lasts only for several days, the rest of time I prefer to spend with my family and friends!
  9. No, I usually have no time for this in the mornings. I walk sometimes in the evenings after my work when I have a bit of free time
  10. Not a great fan of TV shows... But I adore Game Of Thrones! I think it's one of the best among them and yeah, books are amazing too!
  11. Both are good . Everything depends on individual tastes... Personally I like more online ones.
  12. I adore online gambling, reading and travelling
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