How Live Dealer Casinos Work

How Live Dealer Casinos Work

Online casinos utilize webcams for a life-like casino experience.

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Live dealers casinos are a booming industry these days and are proliferating at a rate of knots because they can be so much more exciting and realistic than a regular online casino. At its most basic, live dealers are drawing the cards, rolling the dice and spinning the wheel as in any real casino only it is being captured via webcam.

Casino atmosphere

If you choose to play at a live dealer casino that has been done well, you should feel as if you have literally stepped into a real live bricks and mortar casino. The energy and thrilling experience of playing has been nearly perfectly recreated yet you haven't even left the comfort of your very own home or incurred any of those additional travel and accommodation costs.

So, how do they achieve this sensation and realistically simulate the atmosphere of real live casino? To begin with, there is an actual, real live dealer conducting the games and who is also able to interact with the players during the game. You will hear and see real cards being flipped, dice being rolled and wheels being spun rather than computer generated images and noises which may become a little monotonous. And of course all of this is in real time.

Live dealer technology

Technology has advanced so far that casinos are now able to stream live footage in real time using cameras showing real dealers in a real casino. This means that there is no delay between the cards being turned and what you see on your screen. Streaming technology is continually improving too so that today the image quality is impressive to say the least. At many you also have the option to zoom into the table to take a closer look.


The most common games that are found at live dealer casinos include roulette,blackjack, craps, baccarat, sic bo, and Hold'em.

How it works

Live dealer tables work exactly as one would expect with a dealer managing the table as in any real life casino. So in roulette, for example, you will see the croupier set the wheel in motion at regular intervals without waiting for all players to make their bet. For card games you will even see the cards being shuffled and cut, the hands being dealt the each full betting round.

As well as the screen of the live dealer you will have an interactive control panel where you can place wagers on a virtual betting table, read instructions about how to play, look at previous betting hands, check your account balance and communicate with the dealer. There is usually even a large tip box as you would anticipate finding in a real casino for players who have had luck on their side and are feeling generous.

Whether you need to download the software or not will depend upon which casino you choose. Some may only be accessible if you install their software while others offer browser based games.
The final word

Live dealer casinos are as close as you can get to the real deal of a bricks and mortar casino and are guaranteed to deliver that adrenaline rush.

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