How to Pick a Slot Game

How to Pick a Slot Game

Slots is a simple casino game that requires no more than a few coins and a bit of luck. It is 100 percent a game of chance and no amount of experience as a gambler can really influence your odds.

What you can change, however, is the level of enjoyment you experience when playing. There are many kinds of slot games, and many kinds of slots software, such that there is a multitude of choice out there when it comes to choosing your game. This guide will help to simplify the process of choosing a slot game most suited to you.

Topics Addressed

  • Straight and progressive slot games
  • 3 reel and 5 reel slot games
  • Single payline and multi-payline slot games
  • Bonus game slots
  • Fruit Machines
  • Themed slots

*Previously Required Knowledge

It would help you to understand the objective of slots and how one wins and loses. If you are unsure of this, you can read a simple overview at the how to play slots guide. Also, it would be useful to practice a little on a simple classic slot game in order to be familiar with the game interface.


Step One

Straight or Progressive?

A slot game will always fall into one of the 2 categories called "straight slot games" and "progressive slot games". Straight slot games are those that offer a fixed cash prize amount or jackpot, while progressive slot games are those where at least 2 slot machines (online, a slot game network) are connected, and the jackpot slowly builds up as people gamble more and more coins. As such, straight slot games will always provide you with a "pay table" alongside the game, which indicated which symbol combinations are winners, and how much they pay. It also states which combination can win you the jackpot, and the minimum and maximum bets allowed.

Step Two

3 Reel or 5 Reel?

In Slots, it is the spinning of reels that determines the final symbol combination by which you will either win or lose. The classic slot games have 3 reels, meaning that three symbols will always be shown, and 3 symbols must be matched up in a certain way in order to win. Similarly, there also exist "5 Reel Slots", which work in the exact same way only with 5 reels. In 5 reel slot games, there are some elements that change according to the gaming software company or gaming series. These elements include the number of paylines, the amount of bonus features, scatter, wild, and multiplier symbols.

Step Three

Single Payline or multi-payline?

The payline in a slot game refers to the number of rows of symbol combinations that determine if you have won or lost the spin. Classic slot games have a single payline, yet others do exist in which there are many of them. This means that you can win not only by lining up a single row of symbols horizontally, but many paylines in a variety of directions, including vertically, diagonally, and sometimes even in a special pattern. Multi-payline is preferred over single payline because it increases the possibility of winning.

Step Four

Bonus Game Feature?

Bonus game slots are those that have some sort of bonus feature, as the name suggests. This can be anything from a free spin to a completely new and exclusive game level. These usually involve an element of skill and therefore have the potential to win you a lot of money quickly. For this reason, this is something highly recommended to consider when choosing your slot game.

Step Five

Fruit Machine or Themed Slots?

Fruit machines refer to those slot games that have 3-6 reels featuring about 16-24 fruit symbols. Fruit machines are more interactive than other slot games, as they usually feature "nudge" and "hold" options. These are designed to allow you to influence your chances of winning, by maintaining an element of "control" over the reel's spinning. They also frequently allow you to double your bet after each spin. They also sometimes feature a cash ladder and bonus board offering a variety of different bonus rounds. On the other hand, you can also choose between the various themed slot games. These work exactly like any other slot game, only that there symbols are based on a specific theme, such as underwater or pirates. As such, they will be accompanied by suitable graphics, sounds, and imagery to complete an overall feel of the game, which some people swear significantly increases the level of enjoyment of slots.


Sometimes choosing the slot game that is right for you is just a matter of shopping around - something that may not sound appealing at first might actually be different when played, or have a variety that appeals to you in another way, perhaps the odds it offers. Most people find their preferred slot game by playing many kinds before choosing. Good luck!

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