Simplified Chinese Online Casinos

Chinese online casinos are relatively new entrants to the bustling online casino enterprise. Gaming companies realize the massive potential of tapping into the lucrative Chinese gaming market.

Top Chinese Online Casinos

Mainland Chinese gamers can enjoy featured gaming attractions at online casinos in Chinese, complete with top-tier customer support services and tailored banking options.

While Chinese online casinos are fairly new to the iGaming industry, it is easily one of the biggest potential markets in the world and the popularity of gambling in China has reached new records over the last few years. While regulations only allow for land-based casinos to be available in a few locations across the mainland, online casinos can very easily overcome the boundaries of the region and thus allow Chinese players to access hundreds of casino games with just a few clicks of a mouse.

This is why having simplified Chinese online casinos is quite common nowadays and these can also present generous offers. There are several major differences when it comes to preferred style in Asia, compared to Western Europe and the casinos available in Chinese tend to pay a lot of attention to their Asian customers. As a result, the sites generally have a distinctive flavor in order to accommodate the targeted audience and different marketing strategies.

Chinese online casinos also come with other ways to get players from the mainland interested. This can be through banking methods which are common in Asia and even by accepting currencies like the Chinese Renminbi yuan (CNY), the Singapore dollar (SGD) and the New Taiwan dollar (TWD). Chinese online casinos also include other games which are not very popular in other parts of the world but are huge in China and other Asian countries. Since this is what the players are looking for, the casinos gladly offer it and an entire list of the top simplified Chinese online casinos can be found below.

Chinese Online Casinos

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