CASHTERMINAL Online Casinos for 2023

Cashterminal online casino sites allow iGaming fans and enthusiasts to make deposits and withdrawals using safe and secure Cashterminal retail locations in Bulgaria.

The Cashterminal service has been launched by Intercapital Group which is a company founded in 2009 in Bulgaria. The company was responsible for playing the very first payout terminals in the country. Cashterminal devices launched by Intercapital Group allow hassle-free deposits at a number of Bulgaria-focused online casinos

Cashterminal payment devices accept all sorts of cash deposits which are processed in real time, every day of the week, including holidays and weekends. Aside from being able to make online casino deposits and withdrawals, customers can also pay bills via Cshterminal payment devices, alongside other financial options. Cashterminal deposits at online casinos are always processed free of charge.

The time required to implement payment transactions is many times shorter than the time required to pay in the existing ways and through the currently established and operating Cashterminal systems. At the time of writing this, Cashterminal has an array of partners, including CashBox, CashCredit, EVN, Ferratum, Grabo, HelpCredit, LifeCell, NetWorx, ProCredit Bank Bulgaria, Skype, WebMoney, UniCredit Bank, VivaCom, Profi credit, and many others.

The service is licensed to operate in Bulgaria. More specifically, the company in charge of Cashterminal payment devices has an eMoney license and a license to operate post payment terminals. Customers can also download the Cashterminal mobile app on their iOS and Android devices to manage their bills and make hassle-free domestic payments at no extra cost. 

As mentioned on the official Cashterminal website, the most convenient option to use Cashterminal is to get a Mastercard debit card and link your card to your Cashterminal account. Customers can get physical or virtual cards. At the same time, you can also make cash payments, so there is no need to use your credit/debit card. Speaking of making Cashterminal deposits, most online casinos that support this payment service let you make minimum deposits of €10 (or equivalent in other currencies). At the same time, online casino players cannot request withdrawals via Cashterminal due to the company’s policy. 

How to Make a Deposit Using Cashterminal?

This brings us to the Cashterminal method for making online casino deposits. We cover all of the necessary processes, so you can't go wrong if you follow our simple directions.

Register to Use Cashterminal

The very first step is to register at the official Cashterminal website. The registration is free and you need to enter your mobile phone number, date of birth, and other personal info. You can also register to use Cashterminal via your Google or Facebook account. This step is optional.

Get the Cashterminal App

Once you have registered to use the service at the official website, make sure you also download the Cashterminal app to your iOS or Android device. The app is free to download and it includes a list of all Cashterminal locations, so you can easily find a Cashterminal payment device in your area.

Register for an Account at a Cashterminal Online Casino

Now, you need to register for an account at a Cashterminal online casino. If you are not sure which online casino to join, we have included a list of all the best Cashterminal casinos and each casino on the list has been thoroughly looked into by our expert team.

Locate a Cashterminal Device

Now, open your Cashterminal device to find the nearest Cashterminal payment location. The full list of Chasterminal payment devices is also featured on the official website if you do not have the app installed on your device.

Select the Name of Your Online Casino

From the home screen, you select the logo of your chosen online casino. Once done, you need to enter your online casino username. You are not required to enter your real name, just use your online casino username.

Enter the Amount You Want to Deposit

Once you have entered your online casino username, you need to specify the amount you want to deposit. All Cashterminal payment devices accept cash deposits in banknotes of 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 leva (or equivalent in other currencies). Keep in mind that Cashterminal devices do not return change.

Verify Your Deposit Request

The last step is to verify your deposit request and to do so, you enter your PIN code. Once done, you will receive a receipt for your transfer and your funds will reach your online casino account within fifteen minutes. Commission fees do not apply.

Safety and security

As mentioned at the beginning, Cashterminal is operated by Intercapital Group and the company in charge has an eMoney license, alongside a license to operate post payments. In addition, all Cashterminal transactions are processed by Paynetics and this is a renowned payment institution licensed to operate in the European Union. Paynetics is also closely associated with Mastercard and Visa. 

Having said that, you can be confident that Cashterminal employs cutting-edge safety and security procedures to ensure risk-free transactions at all times. The fact that you do not have to use your credit/debit card to make Cashterminal online casino deposits also adds to the overall safety and security. 


We have included a list of the best Cashterminal online casinos if you are not sure which casino site to join.
Yes, the company in charge of processing Cashterminal transactions is Paynetics licensed to operate in the EU. The company is also associated with Visa and Mastercard.
No, you cannot use cryptocurrencies via Cashterminal.
Cashterminal is a series of retail payment devices scattered all over Bulgaria that customers can use to make online casino deposits and pay bills.
No, according to the company’s policy, Cashterminal cannot be used as a withdrawal option at online casino sites.
Yes, all Cashterminal online casino deposits are processed free of commission fees.

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