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CoDi or Cobro Digital is a renowned electronic payment platform launched back in 2018 by Banxico (Bank of Mexico) and the payment service was primarily designed to allow Bank of Mexico customers to make hassle-free payments using their smartphones.

Based on NFC technology and QR codes, CoDi (Cobro Digital) is one of the most innovative digital payment services in Mexico. What is different about CoDi when compared to other similar electronic payment services of this kind is that it allows its customers to make payments using their smartphones without any commission fees. 

CoDi was launched back in 2018 by the Bank of Mexico. The Bank of Mexico of Banxico was founded on the 1st of September 1925. The Central Bank of Mexico is state-owned and has been owned by the state since its establishment. Needless to say, this is one of the most renowned financial institutions in Mexico and the fact that CoDi was launched by the bank adds to its reputability and trustworthiness right off the bat. 

While CoDi was launched in 2018, its nationwide adoption kicked off back on the 30th of September 2018. Today, CoDi is supported by a huge number of banks and financial institutions, including CiBanco, Bancrea, ScotiaBank, Intercam Banco, Pagatodo, Banamex, Afirme, ABC Capital, Mifel, Azteca, Ve Por Max, and numerous others. 

The adoption of CoDi mobile payment services was divided into four different phases. It should be noted that all financial and banking institutions accepting CoDi are SPEI- participants or participants of the Interbank Electronic Payment System. The Bank of Mexico established the Interbank Electronic Payments System to promote the hassle-free functioning of Mexican electronic and other payment systems. 

Today, the Interbank Electronic Payments System allows customers to make payments at no extra cost in just a couple of seconds and CoDi is one of the most important parts of this revolutionary system. When it comes to CoDi and its presence in the iGaming industry, many international online casinos serving Mexican customers allow CoDi payments. CoDi is an awesome option for making both online casino deposits and withdrawals since it is very easy to use and transactions do not carry commission fees.

How to make a deposit using CoDi:

Below, we take a look at the steps required to fund your online casino account using CoDi, and the process is rather simple.

Set Your CoDi Account

In order to use CoDi, you need to have an account at one of the many supporting banks and you need to have a Mexican mobile phone number. If this is the case, you will register to use the service on the official CoDi website.

Download the CoDi Bank App

Once you have registered to use the service, download the CoDi bank app directly from the website. After you install the app, connect your bank account and verify your newly created account.

Register at a CoDi Online Casino

The next step is to register at a CoDi online casino. Here, you will find a list of the top-ranked CoDi online casinos if you are not sure which site to join. Once you register for an account, you will be asked to verify your account to be able to make payments.

Open Your CoDi Bank App

Open the CoDi bank app installed on your smartphone and make a payment request. This will prompt your chosen online casino to generate a CoDi reference code which will appear on your CoDi bank app. You check the payment request details and specify the amount you want to deposit.

Authorize Your CoDi Payment Request

To authorize your online casino payment request, enter your CoDi PIN or use another authentication option. Both the casino and you will get a notification that the transaction has been processed. You go back to the casino lobby and your funds will be there.

How to make a withdrawal using CoDi:

Now, we examine the process of making CoDi online casino withdrawals and the process is equally hassle-free and straightforward.

Access the Casino’s Banking Page

Since you have already set up your CoDi bank app, skip this step and head to your casino’s Cashier Page to access the list of supported withdrawal options. From the list of available options, locate the CoDi logo and click on it.

Enter Your CoDi Credentials

Once you click on the CoDi logo, a new pop-up window will appear and here you provide your CoDi credentials to log into your CoDi account. Next, you specify the amount you want to withdraw and make sure the amount you enter does not over your casino’s maximum withdrawal limits.

Wait for Your Request to be Approved

Once you authorize your withdrawal request, the casino will process it in no time and at no extra cost. You will get your money that same day unless your chosen casino has a lengthier withdrawal processing time.

Safety and security

As mentioned at the beginning, CoDi is one of the safest electronic payment services for many reasons. First of all, the service was launched by the Bank of Mexico and this is the central bank of Mexico each service provided by the bank relies on the most advanced measures, different authentication tools, and other protective technologies. 

When it comes to using your CoDi account, you also have nothing to worry about. Each CoDi transaction must be authorized with your unique PIN. You can also use extra authentication options to protect your CoDi account, so nobody can access your account without you knowing. All in all, CoDi with its advanced safety measures is an excellent choice for risk-free online casino deposits and withdrawals.


Yes, most CoDi online casinos let you use the service for both making deposits and withdrawals.
Yes, CoDi withdrawals do not incur commission fees and the same is true when using CoDi for making online casino deposits.
No, the Mexican peso is the only supported currency.
No, CoDi is a Mexican electronic payment service specifically designed for Mexican customers.
CoDi is an electronic payment service based on QR codes that allows you to make payments using your smartphone via the CoDi bank app.

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